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About us

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The Perfecto Group is an international restaurant holding company. Its brand name has appeared in the market thanks to Anton Vlasov – the restaurateur from Samara. The mission of the company is to increase cultural intelligence of residents and guests of Samara city and to fully satisfy their gastronomical predilections. We are open-hearted, positive, energetic and hospitable.

Over a ten-year period of effective work in restaurant industry several original and unique restaurants have been successfully launched. Each of them has become much loved by their visitors.

Антон Власов
Антон Власов
Ресторан Фрау Мюллер
The Frau Muller German beerhouse is the first restaurant which opened its doors in 2005. If you come here for a visit, you will see the true value of the interior a la Bavaria, the wide range of imported beer and rich dining experiences.
Ресторан Черчилль

The Churchill English restaurant & bar is a perfect place for business lunches, romantic dinners and family holidays. Elegant interior and hospitable staff is conducive to leisurely communication with a glass of wine which will be selected for you by a professional sommelier.